Monday, July 6, 2009

Mutt Monday

My dear friend Leslee inspired me to post pictures for "Mutt Monday." So here they are....a few recent pictures of our bonafide mutt, Disco. All dressed up in his Dogdana for the 4th of July.

Sometimes he closes his mouth with his tongue out. Hehehehe.

Aaannnddd again with the tongue out.

Chillin in the front seat when we stopped at Buc-ee's on our way to Houston a few weeks ago.

It was sooooo hot.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Only A Loser Would Post This

Ok, so I know I am a total loser for getting excited about this, but as of today, Micah and I are COSTCO MEMBERS!! Micah's friend Dave, a Costco employee, was kind enough to get us a membership free of charge! We went today and it was so much fun! So many delicious little time! Here are a few of my favorite purchases from the trip:
Oh em gee I love strawberries! And these are some of the best I've ever had! And we got 4 pounds of them! And this was only $5.99!! As you can see I've already been munching on them.

Hummus. We love it. I've made it before, but it's kinda messy and annoying, so I don't do it often. We are usually too cheap to buy it at the store, but the price was really good at Costco.

These little flatbread things will be great for wraps. They only have 100 calories each and are loaded with fiber.

God bless you, Costco. See you soon.

Light Orchid