Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Day

Yesterday was April Fools Day, and was also the day of Disco's neuter.......eeek. Both Disco and I got April Fool's-ed by the vet who decided he needed to get 4 teeth extracted while he was under anesthesia---something they told me that "WOULD NOT" do when I first discovered his retained baby teeth. Anyway, Disco handled both the neuter and his dental work very well. Within minutes upon his arrival at home, he was chewing on his favorite toy, and running around like the hyper little animal that he is. The vet also talked me into buying Disco 1 (ONE!!!!) pain pill, chopped into 4 pieces, which cost over $10! Rip off! I wanted to post pictures of Disco's surgery wounds, but then I realized some people may not be interested.

Does anyone remember my blog about how I was obsessed with Disco's primary teeth falling out and how I wanted his canines?? Well guess what!??!?!! His vet pulled them and gave them to me in a bottle! Ha!

In other April Fool's News, Jenny tricked me better than anyone ever has. She called me and excitedly told me she had very surprising news! She made me guess what it was, and I finally guessed that Eddie proposed to her! Then she proceeded to talk about their engagement, what her parents thought, etc, meanwhile me and Micah are freaking out!!!!!! After a while she was like "Happy April Fools Day!" Uggghhhhh............and guess what else? She did this same trick last year. You won't get me again next year Jenny!!

My spring break baking has been progressing along nicely. My whole wheat bread turned out great and somehow we managed to eat the whole loaf in 24 hrs. I was going to post a picture of it, but it's all gone. Sadness. Anyone who wants the recipe which I modified myself can defintely ask.

I found a cool website for anyone who is interested in reading the whole Bible. Tthe website gives you a plan on how you can read the whole Bible in a year. You can choose your translation, choose what order you want to read it (i.e. chronological, order it was written, old testament first, new testament first, and others), and it maps out exactly what chapters to read each day. Micah and I are doing it. You can also have it set up to email you your daily chapters, which is pretty cool too. If you're interested, the website is:

Well, Disco and I are going for our 239,478,239,847th walk of the day, so I'm out!

Light Orchid