Friday, May 29, 2009

Guess who's back!

The formatting of this post is insane, and blogger won't let me change it! Sorry!

After a nearly 2 month long blogging sabbattacle, I have returned! No, I didn't forget about my blog or quit altogether, I've just been insanely busy for the past 2 months. Most of my time was filled with the following: study, test, study, test, study, test, sleep?, study, test.........etc. But somehow, I managed to survive my first year of dental school!

Since then, things have calmed down. The weekend after finals, Micah and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We went to a little town about an hour from San Antonio, Bandera, and stayed in a cabin right on the Medina River. However, the cabin wasn't really a cabin; rather, it was an old train caboose remodeled into a cabin. It was really cute! Instead of explaining everything, I'll let our pictures do the talking.
The end of the caboose. You can see the stairs on the left leading up to the entrance and the amazing deck that overlooks the river. Walking up to the deck. The entrance to the caboose is on the right.
This is a small part of the deck. We built fires in the outdoor fireplace at night, which was fun. There is a gate that you can kind of see to the right of the fireplace. It leads to the stairs that lead to the river. Behind the rocking chair you can see a glimpse of the bathtub pictured below.
I took about 8 million pictures of the deck trying to capture how awesome it was, but my attempts were in vain. None of my pictures do it justice.

Bathtub on the deck. No, we did not bathe in it; it was only used to wash our shoes off. As secluded as we were, I'm still not quite comfortable bathing outdoors. Not to mention there's no hot water! I guess I'm a city girl...

Even birds like Texas.

In the caboose (duh). This is the bed (duh again). This gives you an idea of just how wide the caboose is. Tiny! It was cozy and comfortable, though.

Tiny kitchenette.

Headed down to the river...

Disco, looking like a little hobo. He was wet and very cold.

Waters too deep for me to traverse. I don't like sea (river) varmits! That includes minnows and of course fish! I swear I saw a lobster too...
Micah is so much braver than I.

Luring him in. Disco had a blast on our trip. It was literally the best weekend of his life. He LOVED being outside all the time and all the interesting smells that entails. He also LOVED the water and LOVED chasing some weird/mutant bird that couldn't fly? I couldn't get a picture of it but Disco was chasing these birds like crazy and they could only fly like 3 feet at a time. He caught one and I flipped out. Who knows what diseases those things are carrying! Ok, maybe microbiology has made me a little paranoid...

Micah grilled ribs while Disco and I sat on the futon admiring and photographing him.

Mmmm...I love food. And off-brand Diet Dr. Pepper.

We ate the top tier of our wedding cake, and it tasted just like it did on our wedding day!
Thanks for wrapping it up so nicely, Mom!

Here are a few more random pics from our trip. There were lots of fun walking trails nearby that we explored, and we took pictures with some dying bluebonnets.

After we got back from our weekend outing, we spent just a few days in San Antonio before heading to Houston to visit family and be a part of Leslee and Drew's amazing wedding. We're so happy for the Pennywells! Here's a picture of the beautiful couple on their wedding day:

Light Orchid